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A Cat In Need.

On the 16th of January 2024, Kostas and I had packed up the car with all the tools we needed to go to the Tribe studio and continue working on getting it ready for the opening which we announced would be on the 9th of February 2024. I was taking out the trash before we would leave and I suddenly spotted what looked like an severely injured cat sitting upon a dumpster near our house. As I approached it it began to meow at me in a very distressed manor. I was shocked. I understood that this cat was in a world of pain and most likely wouldn't survive if I did not intervene. Immediately I told Kostas that we needed to trap this cat and get it to the vet pronto.

To cut a long story short, we didn't manage to trap it successfully that evening, but the next day it was all I could think about and as soon as I was finished training my clients I went with my car and our trap to the dumpster to attempt to catch the poor soul.

Well, I called for the cat, calling him Baby, and I heard his meow, as desperate as yesterday, but now he was perched on top of the big olive tree above the dumpster up an embankment. I had real doubts that I would be successful in coaxing him down, but to my surprise, he slowly started climbing down the tree trunk to get to the tasty ham slice I placed under the tree. Then he cam towards the trap filled with more delicious ham slices and within a few minutes the trap door slammed shut and I bolted into action and covered the trap with sheet and got the trap in the car and headed of to the vet.

Baby has now been stationed at the vet for the rehabilitation he needs for a month. His injuries improve everyday and soon he will be able to be released or be adopted, but the latter is not very likely.

I will release him back to where I found him after he has the thumbs up and has been sterilised.

I will update this post with his progress.

Here's a link to a video I posted on Instagram when I visited him 2 weeks ago.

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